Product Management Masterclass

The Product Management Masterclass walks participants through the complete journey of evolving an idea to successful product. The course is designed as a workshop, helping you work on concepts as you design your own product idea.

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  • Course Includes
  • Practical project work
  • On-on-One Mentorship session
  • Live Instructor Led Sessions
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What you will learn

  • Problem identification & opportunity analysis
  • Building a business pitch
  • Validating ideas using user research
  • Building an MVP
  • Go-to-market and launch planning
  • Choosing the right product metrics

Course Content

4 sections • 10 lectures •
Opportunity Analysis

Learn ways (tools, methods, frameworks) to analyze market trends, competitive forces, enablers that determine the duration of the opportunity and key markets I should target.

Learn about how to size up the market and to determine how lucrative it would be to launch in the identified market.

Customer discovery

Learn ways to understand the context for potential customers and identify my best prospects for growth.

Learn qualitative and quantitative methods to gather information from prospects.

Learn ways to gather and/or elicit customer needs and requirements

Customer journey mapping

Learn to create visual maps of the current process(es) employed by the customer.

Learn to identify areas of improvement/change from the user journey maps developed.

MVP & iterations

Learn to build conceptual and/or product prototypes to get early feedback from my target customers.

Learn ways to get objective, unfiltered feedback from the customers on various aspects of the developed prototype - usability, perception of value or quality, design elements, etc.

Solution viability metrics

Learn a structured way to analyze what are critical factors that will improve my product's chances of success.


User experience

Learn practices employed by good UX designers

Product roadmap

Learn how to develop a roadmap of the product development cycle, and how to align the roadmap with business and marketing needs.

Learn how to develop a budget based on the roadmap and be able to reflect the costs in the cash-flow statement

Product strategy

Learn ways (tools, methods, frameworks) to develop short-, medium- and long-term vision for your product and what you aim to achieve.

Learn how to communicate this vision and objectives with your team.

Business models and pricing

Learn ways to determine the right business model, pricing model and price range for your product. 

Positioning & supporting sales

Learn how to create a positioning statement and value messages for your product or solution based on market needs, competition, customer requirements and product strengths.



  • * 2 years of work experience


Product management is a practice that straddles multiple domains - business, design, technology, marketing, and others. Product managers help the company take a bet of the future based on available (often limited) evidence. To do this well, they need to be able to discover the right ideas to bet on, build out a vision and roadmap, test this against multiple vectors (users, business, and technology), and sculpt a winning product.

The Product Management Masterclass is put together based on my experience as a practicing product leader, and then as an expert product consultant and coach. Over the last eight years, I have consulted with CXOs of startups and global firms on their product strategy. I have coached teams across firms like GE Digital, Flipkart and Volkwagen IT services. And I have mentored multiple startups across 4 continents as part of the Google for Startups program. 

I put this course together to help people think through the art and science of product management.

This topic will be covered over 12 hours, which would include reading content for 2 Hours, video content & exercises for 6 hours and 4 hours of faculty led sessions on line. You can choose to pick a live idea you're working on and take it through the masterclass.

Let's build your big product idea together.



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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Shrinath consults with C-level executives of global firms and startups on product strategy, product management, and product marketing. He has consulted in renewable energy, IoT, ML, and Next Billion Users domains and has coached product teams for clients like GE, Flipkart, and Volkswagen IT Services. Shrinath's work led to a multimillion-dollar startup exit and profitable business lines for many clients. Shrinath was recognized as a Google Developers Expert on Product Strategy (2016-19). He is also a Google for Startups mentor.