Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Skill has been in the top ten skills for the decade published by the World Economic Forum. This program is designed to upskill every learner with the an awareness to guide them to think critically This program will also help to bring awareness of your cognitive biases and to be able to make better decisions

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What you will learn

  • This program enables you to open up a new world of opportunities and options with your thought process. You will be a...

Course Content

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  • An open mindset for learning A Must for every student and working professional


We are taught and trained on various topics and skills starting from Kindergarden, through our school and University life. One skill that is not taught formally is the skill to think.

This course takes you on an interesting journey to think deep, to be aware of biases we carry and on how we make decisions both at work and at home. World Economic Forum recognizes the Critical Thinking skill as one of the top ten skills required for any individual or professional to survive this coming decade.

This topic will be covered over 12 hours, which would include reading content for 5 Hours, video content & exercises for 2 hour and 5 hours of faculty led sessions on line.

Welcome to this journey that will make a difference in your life.

Thank you.

Sreekanth Moni

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach with 25 years of experience in technical, entrepreneurial and coaching, mentoring & training space. With my spiritual outlook, corporate exposure and organizational perspectives, I strive to work to help individuals learn new skills and hone their existing skills to lead a better life at home and at work.